Web designing market never seems to continue static for a huge period of time. The trends and greatest practices of Web Design always keep on varying, and 2013 is nothing different. There are lots of new and cool trends that have come up on the exterior of web design industry in 2013 and you have to keep up with the newest trends in order to continue in the market of web design.

Mobile well-matched

Make sure that your website works on all mobile devices at the same time as maintaining its full functionality. People are familiar to browsing internet on their mobile devices and Smartphone. If your website does not effort on mobile devices, you are losing a lot of money on the table. According to a survey, people use internet on their iPhones more than MAC computers these days, and by including your mobile compatible version of website, you have a huge chance of capturing all the traffic that Smartphone have to propose. The only thing to consider while designing a website for mobile is that it should load fast hence having low-resolution images is highly recommended.

Social Media Integration

In this current era, the websites that have the possible of bringing the majority of traffic are social networking sites. Almost each business (including individuals that do not require any marketing any longer) are approaching on social networking sites like, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook to boost their communication with prospective and existing customers. Therefore integrating social media widgets into your web design is a necessity thing to do these days. It will not only help your visitors to bond with you in many ways but also get better your influence in the eyes of Google.

Fixed and Easy Navigation

Make it easy for your visitors to browse throughout your pages by providing them with easy and trouble-free navigation. Time of fancy navigation and menus are currently gone, and people now like better to see simple websites with clear information and site structure. Also try to include fixed navigation instead of using auto navigation in your designs; it will let your website to pull towards user’s attraction for the most significant portions of your website.

HTML5 Development

If you can, try to integrate HTML5 into your website. This will guarantee highest quality possible regarding web design and functionality.

If you were thinking of upgrading or re-designing your website, the above mentioned tips would help you to provide highest quality web design.

James Peterson is a Dubai web design expert with steady eye on the performance of various companies operating in Middle East. Being in the field of interest for many years, he offers consultation and guidance to the SME’s for effective website design and development solution